DnD Family Farms Sustainable Agriculture for the Next Generation
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What's growing
David putting in the sweet potato slips

David mowed down the clover cover crop and planted the corn...Silver Queen and Bodacious varieties.
Spring finally came after all!  The past few weeks has been a gradual cautious process of wakening the garden from winter.  The rattlesnake beans are in, as well as a new dried bean for us, Good Mother Stallard.  When the seed catalog says, " family heirloom that has been enjoyed for generations. A great dry bean, wonderful rich, meaty flavor, great for soups. Very productive, 5-6 seeds per pod. In addition to their pretty Easter Egg appearance, the seeds have an almost fruity fragrance when you open a storage jar - making these a great bean to grow in quantity and store over the winter in your pretty glass counter top jars! Very pleasant!".... how can you resist trying them?!   The onions, potatoes, squash, cucumbers and most of the tomatoes are in as well.  I think David ran out of steam before he ran out of tomato plants! (there are more than 100, so it's no wonder!)
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