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DND Hot Sauce & Stuff
Since the days of sitting around with my friend Dave and wondering where the "hot went", I've always enjoyed a good hot sauce-so why not make our own. DnD Family Farms Hot Sauces feature our very own peppers, garlic, onions  and other ingredients to make a one of a kind style of hot sauce. We don't use carrots or other fillers-just pure sweet pepper and chillies grown in the Carolina sun. We hope you enjoy the descriptions below of the varieties that we produce. With different kinds of chilies getting experimented with every year, they change with the season. Some recipes have endured for years and others are still in development.
Season blends feature our same quality peppers, garlic, onions and herbs We  home dry and grind it all fresh to optimum flavor.

This funny looking pepper (yea- the name says it all) really brings the heat.  A blood red sauce with no holds barred combines this unique pepper with  garlic, onions and a touch of sweetness to bring bring on heat and flavor. A great combo with 50/50 of butter to toss wings with.

Old 41 gets it name from the ratio of Habaneros to Aj1 Red peppers. The Aji Red is a beautiful Scotch Bonnet pepper that has all the unique habanero flavor with only a fraction of the heat. Using a 4 to 1 ratio, we created a Habanero sauce that screams flavor without the usual sear of habaneros. Don't worry, we'll get to that down the list. We combined sweet pepers, onions and an very large helping of silverskin garlic to create this delicious sauce.

Mirasol are new in the 2009 garden. These moderately hot chilies grow in clusters that point, you guessed it, straight up to the sun-rather than traditionaly hanging down. Combining these peppers with sweet onions, and our own Chesnok Red garlic make a great sauce that is hot enough to please but not loose the flavor in the process

Our fragrant blend of summer herbs. onion and garlic to  make the perfect marinara, steak or chicken on the grill.

All the great flavor and heat we pack into our hot sauces now in a dry shake. Moderate heat with a touch of smoke, its awesome as a seasoning for fish and shrimp breading or grilling and for the best popcorn seasoning you'll ever try!

The original blend of sun ripened  habaneros and sweet peppers that started it all. Moderate heat, great with anything.

A full flavored sauce accentuating a blend of our own roasted garlic and a touch of pan toasted cumin, this sauce is perfectly paired with any Tex-Mex meal. With a hint of  lime and a touch of pecan smoked peppers it has a perfect balance of heat and sweet.

This sauce is a culmination of the best habaneros at their peak of ripeness at the end of the season. Full of flavor and blistering heat that lasts without a compromise sure to please the true chili-head.  Yea, it's really hot.

We fire roast sweet peppers and slow smoke select chilies and habaneros over pecan wood to develop a sauce with the extra depth and natural sweetness that smoke brings to the party. Not for the faint of heart-this one delivers. Especially good with burgers and fries.

Our rub has the ultimate blend of home ground spices with a touch of sweetness to make it ready to soak up the smoke and create a delicious crust on ribs, brisket, pork butt and even chicken and turkey. Use it to marinate overnight before smoking for optimum flavor.

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